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‘HI-booster’ (Homoeo Immune booster) money-back therapy for children of age 2-15 years.

Introducing a powerful , harmless and effective therapeutic agent made from natural and dynamic sources—-the ‘i-boost formula’. The one answers to most chronic and recurrent  allergic ailments of the respiratory tract in children. It is an immune booster made from herbal and natural sources. Homoeopathic medicines are added to further boost the action of the therapeutic agents in the

The ‘HI-booster’ has been used with remarkable success in allergic children.


Welcome to Dr.Saggu's Asthma Research Clinic

Dr.Saggu is a name well known for a family of Homoeopaths dedicated to the noble cause of serving people with the magic of Homeopathy. Dr.S.S.Saggu is the son of Dr.T.S.Saggu and Dr.(Mrs).Tajinder Saggu, both leading Homoeopaths. His grandfather Dr.G.S.Saggu was a Homoeopath and a scientific researcher of high esteem. The family is dedicated to the noble profession and is known for curing incurable medical cases from all over the world.

Dr.S.S.Saggu passed his bachelor degree from Nagpur and has topped the Nagpur University in B.H.M.S 1st & 3rd. He is equally complimented by his wife Dr.Ami Saggu, an aspiring Homoeopath from Mumbai.

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What is Asthma?

Asthma is more prevalent in children. Asthma can be caused by genetic & environmental factors. The strongest risk for developing asthma is a history of atopic disease.( A trinity of asthma, atopic eczema &…

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Asthma Variants

Having symptoms of wheezing, difficulty in breathing & coughing may not necessarily be asthma. Certain other conditions may be present & may mimic asthma. The following conditions may co-exist or be present:

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Woman Using an Inhaler --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
How to detect Asthma ?

Parents are worried to find their child labeled as ‘asthmatics’ but more often the term ‘hyperactive airway disease’ is used in place of asthma. H.A.D may be described as the tendency to catch cold frequently with breathlessness. The percentage of children suffering from H.A.D is continually on the rise due ...

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Do our medicines cure Asthma or the related conditions ?

This is the most important question to be answered for a person looking for a cure for Br. Asthma. Till now we have been able to cure thousands of patients from across the country & abroad.  A few references have been mentioned at the end of the website.

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Dr.Saggu's Asthma Research Clinic, complete Asthma care

Asthma and other related conditions

Allergic Rhinitis & post

nasal drip (hay fever) Nasal congestion, open but running nose, sneezing, itching of eyes & nose, excess watering from eyes, loss of smell & taste etc.

Sinusitis or Rhino sinusitis

Almost 30% of asthmatics have co-existing sinusitis. Sinusitis may also exist in a person with severe cold allergy, headache, tenderness of face, loss of taste & smell, vertigo etc.

Gastroesophagial reflux disease

A condition in which acid contents of the stomach go back into the oesophagus & may cause symptoms similar to asthma & cough.

C.O.P.D( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Emphysema & chronic bronchitis generally affect older people with history of smoking.

Respiratory syncytial virus-(R.S.V)

This is the most common virus infection affecting children during their childhood. Above 50% chest infections in childhood can be attributed to this virus.

H.A.D (hyperactive airway disease)

Hyper response of the airway tract in children to external stimuli causing constriction of the airway tract. Childhood asthma is often called H.A.D. Even despite better medical facilities nowadays H.A.D is on the rise due to increasing pollution & modern living & eating habits.

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Clients Testimonials

We are proud to serve humanity and humbled by the kind words of encouragement from our clients.
Ramakrishna Mahato, 103 Natraj Campus, Bhatia Basti, Kadma, Jamshedpur

I was suffering from Asthma since childhood. when I was 4 years of age my father took me to Dr. Saggu, who started his treatment for 2 years 8 months. I improved steadily and in due course of time I was free from Asthma.

After his treatment it has been 16 years now I am totally free from Asthma and I am always thankful to Dr. Saggu.I recommend his treatment to all persons suffering from this disabling disease.

Ramakrishna Mahato
Puneet Saraogi, Gamharia, Jamshedpur.

I was suffering from asthma since childhood (age18). My parents got me treated from allopathic doctors every time I would suffer an asthma attack. Almost every month I used to fall sick with cough and breathing problems. I was tired of cough and breathing difficulty and I had lost hope of any recovery, since there was no cure for my disease. Somebody suggested Dr. Saggu’s name to my father. We went to him and he assured us of total cure of the disease. I started taking his medicine and there was little improvement in my health in the beginning but slowly I found that I no longer needed any allopathic medicines or puffs. I continued his medicines for 3 years. It is now almost 10 years that I do not have asthma any more nor do I fall sick as before. I am very thankful to Dr. Saggu who understood me and my problems and solved it.

Puneet Saraogi
Ajay Singh, Admin & HR, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, Angul, Odisha

This is to acknowledge the acumen, since efforts, empathy of Dr.S.S.Saggu towards his patient and me. I was suffering from acute Rhinitis, Pharyngitis and sinusitis since my school days. I was very sensitive to change in weather, temperature, dust and this was greatly affecting my academics. In the period from 1986-1991 I took help of many ENT specialists at Tata Memorial Hospital, Kasturba Medical College and Hospital at Manipal but not much relief was found. In 1993, I started consulting Dr.S.S.Saggu to whom I was introduced through a friend. Dr. Saggu suggested to undertake a course for overcoming the allergy symptoms and put me through about 18 months of treatment with honey based medicines to boost my immune system and overcome the allergic.  Today I am indebted to him for having made my life much easier. The symptoms are fairly removed, the occurrence of attacks of cold cough are few and also I know I can resist them. I strongly recommended those with any kind of allergy to take the help of Dr.S.S.Saggu.

Admin & HR
Tosham Sindhu, A-3, Senior Officers Quarters, Pleasant Valley, Road number 10 C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

I have been suffering from breathlessness and asthma since the last 18 years.  I am hyper sensitive and allergic to weather change and things like pollen and dust. Because of asthma I have been hospitalized a couple of times and have been under the treatment of various doctors.  I have been using a lot of anti allergic medicines and other drugs but  it has been a short term remedy. I have been under the treatment of dr. Saggu for chronic asthma since the last 6 months. I have been introduced to the Homeo honey treatment and by regular dosage my asthma and breathlessness has decreased. I no longer suffer from acute breathlessness and I am able to undertake outdoor activities without any problems.  I have suggested the use of Homeo honey medicine to my family and friends who to suffer from the same.

Senior Officers
Mr. K. Prakash (I.P.S), D.G. Police (Retd,) 36, Sangam Vihar, Sonari, Jamshedpur – 831011

More than a decade and half back my mother fell critically ill and the highly qualified doctors lost all hopes. It was at that difficult time that I opted for Homoeopathy and contacted Dr. S.S.Saggu. To the surprise and relief of all of us, including the treating doctors, Dr. Saggu was able to drag her out of the jaws of death. On a personal footing I can cite my own case. I developed sinus trouble about three years back. There was no relief despite taking the medicines prescribed by doctors of Delhi and Hyderabad, who suspected that the cause was some sort of allergy. Ultimately, I started taking medicines prescribed by Dr. Saggu. I am much better now. Even though Dr. Saggu has done lot of research for asthma cure and has successfully cured many patients, he is equally proficient in tackling chronic cases. I have personal knowledge about miraculous cures of Dr. Saggu. Just have patience and faith.

D.G. Police
Mr. Prasad Menon, Ex-Chairman TCES, Bombay House, Mumbai.

My first meeting with Dr. Saggu happened about six years ago on a visit to Jamshedpur. I was suffering with a very bad allergy cold and seeing my plight, one of my colleagues told me about this excellent homeopathy doctor in Jamshedpur and suggested that I meet him. Without being too enthusiastic I took his advice and met Dr. Saggu that same day. I was immediately impressed with his behavior and thoroughness, and decided to give his medicines a trial. I have not looked back since then, and continue to be his patient. My allergies have improved considerably and I continue to use his medicines and take his advice. My best wishes to him.

Chairman TCES